• Safety New Hartford Central School District received the Utica National Insurance Group's "School of Excellence Award" for 2015. The honor, presented annually, recognizes the school district's efforts as they work to help keep students, staff, and visitors safe. School officials accepted a certificate to commemorate the district's safety efforts and a $500 award for use in furthering those efforts.
    "Safety and health concerns continue to be a priority in our school districts," explained Mark Aquino, regional manager in Utica National's risk management department. "Districts that go above and beyond to provide a safe, healthy and focused culture for learning are to be applauded, and we are pleased to count New Hartford Central School District among them." Mr. Aquino noted that, beyond the recognition itself, and added benefit of the following safety program is the chance to pinpoint specific threats to safety. "The time to address those threats is before loss happens, which really helps contribute to the safety culture that districts are working toward."