• News Release

     FOR RELEASE:  IMMEDIATE                           October 19, 2016 

     “Appointment of School Board Member”

             The New Hartford Central School District Board of Education has appointed James Davis, III to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Ed Flemma whose current term expires in 2018.  

            The appointee will serve in this capacity until the next school board election, which will be held in May 2017.  At that time, the unexpired term will be filled through the school board election process.  This process will allow the seat to be filled by a public vote at the next scheduled election and is consistent with Education Law.  The Board of Education preferred to fill the position by appointment until the election in order to have a full complement of Board members and to have someone with recent experience on the Board of Education who has had a continued interest in the New Hartford Schools and its students. 



                                                    ___Robert J. Nole_________________

                                                    Robert J. Nole
                                                    Superintendent of Schools