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    Home & Careers

    Teacher: Mrs Lyne    llyne@nhart.org 


    Home & Careers is a course in the area of Family & Consumer Science and is a NYS mandated course.  At New Hartford, the content is divided between two Home & Career courses - H&C 20 weeks and H&C 10 weeks.


    Our courses empower middle school students to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse, global society.  The course is designed to educate adolescents about their present and future responsibilities as family members, consumers, home managers, and wage earners.  Through active participation and hands on learning, students develop a better understanding of themselves and their world. Students are encouraged to think constructively, make sound decisions, solve problems, and manage resources.


    20 Week Topics                                          

    Personal Development:

    • values
    • service learning
    • intergenerational relationships
    • meeting challenges

    Foods & Wellness:

    • food choices
    • kitchen safety
    • washing dishes
    • measuring
    • recipes
    • cooking labs


    • child development
    • babysitting safety


    • advertising impact
    • money management


    • social manners
    • table manners
    • sportsmanship

    Career Awareness:

    • interests
    • goal setting
    • process of getting a job
    • career exploration



    10 Week Topics


    • laundry care
    • fabric construction     

    Machine Sewing- Students need to purchase supplies for our machine sewing project: 1 1/2 yards of 100% cotton fabric, 1 yard of 3/4" elastic and 1 spool of matching thread. 

    • parts and functions of the machine
    • safety
    • machine sewing construction                                            

    Hand Sewing         

    • basic hand sewing stitches
    • buttons
    • hand sewing construction                                                    

    Grading -

    Grades are based on classwork, projects, labs and assessments.  

    Assessments are designed to identify a level of understanding on the day it is given - there are no “redos” or “do overs” on assessments.


    Class Materials (needed daily)

    Writing Utensil

    Highlighter (optional, but helpful)

    Unit Workbook - 1 wkbk is provided to each student at the beginning of the semester.  This contains their notes - class work/ homework pages and serves a the course study guide.

    Notebook Paper

    Agenda Planner 



    I have high expectations for all of my students and encourage them to reach their potential.  If a student needs extra help, they may see me to make arrangements. 

    What Can You Do To Help ?

    • Ask about their day in Home & Careers
    • Ask them to do chores & help around the house
    • Introduce them to the washing machine
    • Include them in cooking & clean up
    • Explain how your family manages money - why it is important to your family
    • Allow your student to mature and accept responsibility for his/her actions
    • Let them try….

    This is going to be an exciting year! I am confident that your student will learn many new skills they will use throughout their lifetime.