• FAQs about earning DELTA STEM badges

    But what if I tried and tried and nothing ever worked?
    No worries! You will still obtain a badge of Penguin Power which means you tried really hard, created many iterations, but it still did not work. If you can show me proof of this in your blog, journal, or video you will learn the badge. Why pengion? See what a penguin does (click here) when he falls, fails to makes it to the top, and slips. Failure is part of an inventor’s process! Visit my “F-word” page on my website here or go directly to Meet The Robinsons YouTube clip to understand how fantastic failures can be.

    Can I use a kit?
    Although craft kits help you discover a new skill by following directions, they are discouraged to use as a final product for this challenge. Why? I think of kits more as fabrications of another team’s idea and therefore they are not an original invention. BUT if you take a kit and change just one thing, or more, (hack it!), and you document your process as you did it, you will receive a badge of completion

    What if my monthly challenge projects runs into the next month’s project?
    Again, no worries! You do not have to stop one just to pick up another. When you are ready you can turn in your project which might means, in some cases, it might take 3 months to finish!

    Do I receive a prize for all that I do?
    I, and you classmates, will be incredibly proud of your accomplishments and provide you with many accolades (high-fives!), but your ultimate prize will be to yourself. Seeing that badge of achievement and knowing all the hard work you put into your project will, I promise you, be sweeter than any piece of award candy I can give you. That being said, there is nothing stopping us in creating a fuss about the DELTA STEM Hall of Famers for the mega badge winners.

    Can I do this with a partner?
    Yes, and I encourage it! Teaming up together is a great way to work on a project. It is also a great way to share in the sometimes tedious, yet highly important,  documentation process.

    Can I earn more than one badge when I complete a project?
    Yes it is possible. For example if you handed in your November themed project and created a Scratch game, you can earn a monthly badge and also a Scratch Master Gamer (Expert)  badge.