• tower pic An important requirement of these badge monthly challenges will be to provide evidence, or tell me the story, of your process while you were working on your project. To do this you can write it down in a notebook, blog about your process on your KidBlog page, create a drawing, or perhaps make a video-log*. What I will be looking for in the process is generally listed below, but there will be no formal rubric or grade to receive a badge. As long as you complete the documentation to show me what came first, second, etc. and review the goals listed below, you will achieve your badge. That being said, you can totally fail on a project! As long as you show me your process you will be well deserving to receive a badge. Also, be prepared that  I might ask you to add a bit more to your reflection or final prototype before I award you with the badge because I want you to spend time thinking about your thinking, but I will not make you recreate the entire project. (click here about the importance of keeping a lab notebook to document your process )

     *The best way to share a video-log is to upload your video on YouTube or Vimeo and send me the link or post in Edmodo. This can only be done with your parents permission. I also recommend that you turn the comments off on these sites and/or make it private or available to only those who have been given the web address. Have you parents email me at kdonovan@nhart.org for guidance on this procedure.
  • Ask yourself these things when working on the story of your project

    • Did I show everyone how I choose and worked with my materials?
      Did I explore new ways of using materials? Did I use them safely and responsibly?

    • Did I explain how I was feeling when I was creating my project?
      Did I get bored, feel defeated, feel angry, feel amazing? Did I keep asking questions about the project, "what if I..." "What would happen if..." ? Did I imagine new possibilities? How did I keep going after a failure or mistake occurred?

    • Did I try to understand my process of creating? 
      Did I tell a story as I reflected about my process? Did I think about my thinking?

    • Did I show or tell about my craftsmanship?
      Was I thoughtful and careful in my making? Did I rush through it or work slowly? Did I figure out ways to make it look better?

    • Did I show my level of effort? 
      Did I continue to work hard? How did I handle working through my frustration?

    • Did I go above and beyond my own expectations?
      After my first attempt, did I ask myself, "How could I make it better?" Did I ask a friend or an adult to look at over my project to give me some ways I could improve it?