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    Monthly Maker Challenges

  • Listed on this page are monthly OPTIONAL STEM challenges that will require you to take the lead. What this means is that you will need to be self-directed, and you will not have a teacher or parent telling you that is HAS to be done. You will choose what you want to do based upon your interests. So, why is this all up to you?

    Great inventors, scientists, and engineers of the world have allowed their enthusiasm to get them to the finish line, and as a DELTA STEM student, you can learn to do the same. There is great rewards in creating your own game of learning, and just like many of your video games most of you play, you will receive badges of achievement for your effort in DELTA STEM. But, although you will be the driver of the project, please don’t try to do it all alone! Ask me (Mrs. Donovan), a parent, a grandparent, or another “expert” you know about their advice to help you achieve your badge for your project. The great inventors, scientists, and engineers I mentioned above all have collaborated with many people on their projects, so you are in good company when you work like they do. There is strength in numbers. Look here for FAQs about these challenges

    You will also be required to tell me the story of how you created your project: See here for reflection requirements 


  • Monthly Project Badges
    You can use any materials for these challenges, and these materials can be in digital form. (Scratch game, Minecraft, write a blog post, create a video, etc.). Please remember use all materials safely and ask for assistance when needed. Also, sometimes projects require research so they may take more than a month to complete. See FAQs for more information on this dilemma.

    oct October:
    Create an original fall item. Some examples include, a Halloween costume, an originally carved pumpkin, paint a fall foliage picture, or whatever autumn fun you connect with. 

    nov badge November:

    What you are thankful for? Create a project that shows off your gratitude. A crazy turkey or even invent a new Thanksgiving holiday food (remember to not just follow someone's recipe but change something to make it your own.) 

    dec badge December:

    The holiday gift giving season is a great time to make something for someone else so what can you make? A card, a present, or perhaps solve some holiday problem (ex: how can we NOT use so much wrapping paper during the holiday season?) 

    jan badge


    Happy New Year! Create something that celebrates the new calendar year or anything that celebrates a new start.  The possibilities are endless. Can you think of a new way to train your dog or cat? Is there a problem that mom or dad needs help with? What new idea can create a new start?

    feb badge February

    It's all about science this month. Complete a science experiment at home. Remember you can find a step-by-step science experiment to do, but to achieve this badge I want you to take it one step further. Think of new questions to ask and test them out, and, remember, even if what you hypothesize fails you will earn something! See FAQs

    march badge March

    "let there be songs to fill the air" are lyrics from some one of my favorite songs, so lets challenge ourselves to create new instruments for these songs. You can create an instrument by hand, sing/write a song, code a game in Scratch, whatever form it takes, just show us your music maker. Using the tools of Makey Makey and Scratch offer many possibilites to creat instruments. See this for inspiration.

    april badge April

    Let's spring into action! Spring into fun by visiting PBS Design Squad and choose a project to create or hack. You can also follow their lead and create your own how-to video for kids to follow your creation. The act of creating a video is a Maker activity.

    may badge May-June

    We will be ending DELTA STEM classes in mid June, so this is why there are two months listed here in the title. The May challenge will be due mid June. This challenge theme is up to you. Some of you might want to use this time to re-work an idea for an end-of-year project.