Due to space limitations, students are strongly advised to carefully consider their choices at course selection time in the spring.  Changes made after that time might not be accommodated.  A drop form can be obtained from your counselor and must be signed by the classroom teacher, the student and the student's parent/guardian.  Dropping a course is contingent upon having a minimum of 5 "blocks" scheduled with credit-bearing courses (exclusive of Physical Education) that are required by district policy. The building principal must approve any exception.

     What?   Course  Deadline
     Add  Fall Course  Friday, September 18
     Drop  AP Course with FULL AP refund     Friday, November 6
     Drop  Fall Course  Friday, November 13
     Add  Spring Course  Friday, February 12
     Drop  AP Course with partial refund (-$40)  Friday, February 12
     Drop  Spring Course  Friday, April 23
     Drop  AP Course with NO refund  Friday, April 23


    Level Changes

    Students are encouraged to enroll in challenging classes.  There may be times that students enroll in a higher-level course and find that the course is more than they can successfully handle at that time.  In these cases, students are encouraged to consider making a "level change" in the course.  Such changes need to be made early in the semester so that the student does not miss a significant portion of instruction in the new course. 

    When a student makes a level change, grades from the course the student is leaving will not be used in the new course due to the difference in material.  However, some back work may need to be completed in the course the student is joining, dependent upon when the change is made and the topics that have been covered prior to the student's entrance.  The student and teacher must meet to establish the deadline for completion of any back work.  Level changes must occur by the following timetable.  

     Course  Deadline
    English 10H, AP English 11/12, or
    AP Social Studies 10/11 to regular in Fall Semester 
    Fri., Sept. 18
    AP Economic OR AP Government to regular in Fall Semester
    Fri., Oct. 2
    English 10H, AP English 11/12, or
    AP Social Studies 10/11 to regular in Spring Semester 
    Fri., Feb. 12
    AP Bio Prep Honor to Living Environment
    Geometry to Geometry Prep
    Algebra 2 to Topics
    Oct. 2 (fall)
    Mar. 5 (spring)