• Users can add any Spartan Apps (SApps) item to your website: a calendar, a form, a document. You must make the SApps doc PUBLIC first so the viewer does not have to log in to see it and then get the EMBED code to add to your page.

    1. Open Calendar
    2. My Calendar > Settings > Choose the calendar that you want to embed on page
    3. click on customize color size options.
    4. Recommend to adjust the width to 675 pixels to fit on your school webpage (like sample below)
    5. highlight and copy code.
    In your webpage:
    1. add the embed app
    2. paste the code into the app and click save. 
  • Documents, Calendars, Forms, Presentation

    1. Open SApps Slideshow
    2. Make it PUBLIC (Share> Advanced> Anyone with link)
    3. File > Publish to the web
    4. Embed 
    5. Set width 675 x 408 > PUBLISH
    6. copy EMBED code
    Back to webpage
    1. add EMBED app
    2. paste embed code in 
  • Documents
    1. Make Public
    2. File > Publish to web > Embed
    3. copy code
    Back to webpage
    1. add embed app paste code 
  • Forms:
    1. Have Form open in edit mode
    2. Set to PUBLIC (at top uncheck: " Require NHCS login to view form" 
    3. File> Embed Set width to 675 to fit on school webpage
    4. Copy embed code
    Back to webpage
    1. Add Embed app and paste code