• Creating External Links

    There are several ways to create external links from your page to another outside website address. Review all of the options below.
  • Links within the paragraph Text

    Another way to create a external web link is to create a link in the paragraph text. I have a sentence here:
    Click here to go to New Hartford Schools.
    I highlighted the words Click Here and used the web editor to attached the URL to it. After you do this it will give the letters a different color designating it as a link.
  • Using an image
    A link to an external page can also be activated by clicking on an image. You must have an image ready to upload and an URL you want it to link to. I assigned a URL to the image below so when you clcik on it you will go to My Learning Plan homepage.
    MLP logo  
  • Using the  Site Shortcuts App
    Below is an example of using the  Site Shortcuts App to create a link to an external webpage (this will take to Scratch MIT coding website) with a rollover effect. By this we mean that when you roll your mouse over the image another image appears. You will need to have two images ready to upload to create this.