• Playing Nice

    We all have to learn to play nice with each other, to understand each other and be supportive of each other if we are going to be creating together. For example, it is great to be courageous enough to take risks and perhaps fail at the attempts we make, but it is NOT so great when someone (or yourself!)  makes fun of what you tried to do or makes you feel small just because you didn't get something "right". If this happens, the risk taking will stop and we won't be too creative in our thinking. Because we all know we need creative thinking to solve problems it is very important to find ways to be supportive of each other and lift each other up when things do not go the way they were planned. This begins when we practice empathy.
    So, what I am asking all of you to do is to show empathy towards each other. See clip below to understand what empathy is. It is different than sympathy. Once we can relate to each other, understand each other, kindness and helpfulness will follow. So lets play nice and learn to be empathic to each other and our Maker ideas will flourish.

    • If a friend works really hard on a project and something goes terribly wrong, try to put yourself in their shoes. You could say something like " Oh wow, I know how hard you worked on that, and can understand how you can feel so sad about it not working. Can I help you walk trough the steps? Maybe we can figure out what went wrong together."

  • To have empathy we need to put ourselves in each other's shoes. So, if you see a classmate creating and trying something new and they are unhappy by something that did not go right, it is so important to be supportive. Saying things like, "Don't give up!", or "That was really a great idea! All you need to do is work on it some more." is a great way to help a classmate. We all have felt unhappy and sad at times, so when you see someone who looks very distarught and bummed out remember how YOU felt. What helped you feel better? What can you do to help your classmate out? How can your feelings of empathy help make ALL of our time spent together a little better?
    Let's catch each other when we are falling, and get to the top together.