• What is your MINDSET?

    henry ford quote
    "My what? You want to know what my mind is set on?" Yes, we really do! Because what you set your mind on tends to be what you brain will believe you want to accomplish. Just like the Henry Ford quote on this page, if you keep thinking "I can never do this right!", then most likely that will be the outcome; BUT if you set your mind on growing and thinking about new possibilities, your brain will start to listen. Think of it this way: your thoughts are like fertilizer for your brain. We give plants fertilizer to grow and become stronger in the soil, and their blooms are usually the strongest and the brightest of the bunch! So how do we get these new kinds of thoughts? A new kind of MINDSET?
    Well, you are already on your way! Because you already know that your brain can be trained through something called brain plasticity, and it is possible to grow your neurons inside your brain (the superhighways that your thoughts travel open), you have already achieved the first step in developing a GROWTH MINDSET. A Growth MINDSET helps us believe in possibilities. We understand that can learn new skills, that our failures are a part of learning, and most importantly we can be resilient and be tough. We know how to tell ourselves, "I will not give up!"
    On the other hand, if you find yourself saying things like, "I will never be good at this" or "I am not going to do that because I will fail and I will not look good." or "I do not want him/her to look at it because she will criticize it, and he/she will tell me to work harder."  These are road blocks. Saying these things to yourself will convince your brain to slow down, learn nothing new, and in the end, allow fear to block you from becoming who you were meant to be. This is called a FIXED MINDSET. A fixed MINDSET is like throwing bits of poison on a plant. The plant will wither, just like your brain will if you keep weakening it with the negative fixation of what you cannot do.
    Take a look at these summaries of Fixed and Growth MINDSETs and then watch the clip below of Will Smith talking about his outlook on life. Can you name some specific things he talks about that tells you what kind of MINDSET 
    (Growth or Fixed) he has embraced throughout his life?