• Earn your Penguin Power!
    Penguins can be pretty silly animals, and they are very fun to watch and learn from. Therefore, they are a perfect mascot for our "fantastic failure mindset" here in DELTA STEM. Penguins make fantastic failures and keep going. If you don't believe me watch the YouTube clip below and see what I mean!
    penguin power
     Here is my challenge to you: if you have a great idea, a great hunch, about how to make something better, and want to start to make it happen, to take a risk, try it out, and then you fail--you will achieve a Penguin Power badge in our online Edmodo class page because of it. That's right--we are going to celebrate all of our failures that come from really trying to see an idea through. It has to come from genuine effort or else it will not qualify. The greatest of all scientists, engineers, artists and highly successful people have failed many times. They know it is a part of the process of succeeding as they understand how to learn FROM them. Together we are going to build that same kind of mindset. So, talk to me about what you want to achieve, and remember, if you make it succeed on the first try then GREAT, but you will also achieve something if it does NOT succeed. It is a WIN-WIN!