• You Can Learn Anything

  • unless you try
    After learning about what the human brain can achieve, we understand that as long as our brain is healthy, we all have the potential to learn and be "smart" or "smart-ER"  It takes work and practice to attain success. The more you learn, the harder your brain works; and, as your brain works, it becomes stronger because it creates more connections between the neurons. The stronger the neuron connections are, the faster the retrieval of information. You have the ability to create superhighways that will speed information within you own brain!
    But what if you think you have already learned all that you can, there is no place to get to? You might say, "I am already smart, I don't need to try any harder." But is that really true? After learning about brain plasticity, scientists have told us quite the opposite of that statement! Why? Because we know we can grow and expand our brains even after we think we have mastered everything there is to know about a subject. There is ALWAYS room to grow, ALWAYS more to learn, ALWAYS new possibilities to consider. So, even if you say you are the smartest kid on the block, remember that you now know you have more potential. You can create stronger neural connections by challenging yourself to learn new, HARD things! 
  • i can do hard things
    "But what if I fail?

    Good question. It can make you feel real lousy to set out on making an idea work only to watch it crumble when it fails to work. We have all been there. It is not fun--or is it?  Check out this page to learn more about the "F Word".