• Brain Plasticity

    The brain’s ability to change [grow] in response to our experiences. It’s ability to learn.
    TED video
     "Now that you know, now that science is telling us that you are in charge, that it's under your control, that your happiness, your well-being, your abilities, your capacities,are capable of continuous modification, continuous improvement, and you're the responsible agent and party"
    - Michael Merzenich, Neuroscientist
    TED Talk, Feb 2004
  • elastic brain
    Read the book Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, Stretch It, Shape It
    by JoAnn Deak. It is a great book to understand your brain and how you can stretch it, and grow your learning skills!
    NOTE: This will open up in a new window on the website MagicBlox.com. See me (Mrs Donovan) for the username and password to read while at school OR you can also borrow my copy of the book.
    elastic brain page  
  • Who has a faster brain? A computer or a human?