• PBSkids Design Squad Global Challenge


    design squad global




    HU 4 19-20

    BR 5 19-20

    MY 4 19-20

    MY 5 19-20

    tinkercad logo


    We will use the website CODE.org to begin our adventure into
    learning how to write a set of instructions [CODE] for the computer.

    code org logo

    1. Click on the CODE.org logo

    2. You will receive a code to see your class page



    made with code




    Coding with SCRATCH

                     scratch logo

     Click on the Scratch logo on the left. Use the username and password your teacher provided to you to access your DELTA STEM class page.


    google cs first
    Computer Science Courses using Scratch

    For Spartan Apps CLICK HERE to go to the district home page and
    log in on Student Spartan Apps/Email on the right side