• Third Grade Curriculum

     Third grade is an important year in your child's educational experience, as it prepares them for the intermediate grades.  Much more time is spent on Math, Reading & Writing instruction. Third grade students are expected to show responsibility and independence as learners through completing daily assignments. In addition, third graders should develop strong study habits.

     Third Grade is the first year students begin taking the NYS ELA and MATH TESTS!


    Our Science program is FOSS (Full Option Science System). This program provides all students with science experiences that are appropriate to their cognitive stage of development and serves as a foundation for more advanced ideas that prepare them for life in an increasingly complex scientific and technological world. Students learn science best by working with materials. For this reason, each FOSS module revolves around an equipment kit. Science is taught during the first and third quarters. Our Learning Unit is not tested and is done at the end of the year. The four units we will be covering in Grade 3 are:


             1  Structures of Life (Animals and Plants)

             2  Earth Materials

             3  Measurement

             4  Animal Adaptation- Learning Unit

    Please note: There are Survival Guides for each of the Three Units: Structures of Life, Earth Materials, and Measurement. These will be completed during the units for students to review and study for unit test.


    Health has nine different lessons (See Curriculum Map) under two Units: Keeping Safe and Keeping Healthy. Grades for Health will be in January and June marking periods.

     Social Studies:

    Social Studies is made up of several topics that are taught during the second and fourth quarters. The topics are question based, with one overarching question and several supporting questions.The topics we will be researching are:

    - Geography
    - Globalization & Global Trade
    - Culture Diversity
    - Leadership & Government
    - Children's Rights
    Students will construct meaning through listening, reading, and viewing materials. There are several guided activities and performance tasks that students will complete in class, in the school's computer lab, and at home! The performance tasks will be averaged to assign a grade for the topics taught that quarter.



    The Math program for grade 3 is EnVision math. This program meets the curriculum needs of the Common Core State Standards. Third Graders will be learning 16 topics. Practicing math facts at home and students completing nightly homework is very helpful to your child’s success. Tests will be given at the end of each topic. At the conclusion of four topics, a Benchmark Assessment test will be given. Please see the student’s math books, pages v through xii for more information.


    Spelling words will be going along with our Journeys Reading program. Spelling homework is synchronized with the Journeys reading cycle. Spelling homework will go home during the first four days of the five-day reading cycle (Journeys Day1-Day4). Spelling tests are held on the fifth day (Journeys Day-5) of the cycle. (Note: Journeys Day1 may or may not line up with our New Hartford School DAY 1).

    Cursive Writing:

    Uppercase and lowercase cursive letters are introduced to the students. When all letters have been introduced and practiced, students will be required to write everything in cursive writing, including Homework.


    New Hartford has adopted practices from the 6+1 Writing program. This program focuses on several components: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation. You will notice that this common language is used from K-6. The three types of writing pieces we will be writing are Narrative, Opinion/ Point View, and Inform/ Explain.  I will have more information for families at Curriculum Night regarding this new program!


    Journeys reading program for third grade features:

    • Five Units, five lessons in each unit. There is a comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics/grammar (alternate) for each lesson. The last lesson in each unit is not tested. A Unit or Benchmark test is given at the the end of each unit.

    •  Addresses the new Common Core Standards throughout the program.

    •  Includes Phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

    Has leveled groups for more attention to individual students needs.

    Please see District’s Overview of the Journeys program.