• General Expectations:
    I consider it a privilege to be your teacher, and I hope you consider it a privilege to be in my class. You attend a nationally ranked school, and I honestly believe it is a privilege to be a New Hartford Spartan. With  privileges come responsibilities. Here are mine and yours:
    I will:
    • work hard to earn your trust and respect 
    • treat you with respect
    • create a classroom environment where you feel safe and wanted 
    • work hard to create lessons that challenge and excite you
    • provide constructive feedback so you can improve
    • help you reach your goals and dreams
    You will:
    • treat others with respect 
    • be a positive member of our classroom community
    • work hard to do YOUR best 
    • actively participate
    • own up to your choices and decisions
    Your parents and guardians are a crucial part of our team. I will share with them a realistic snapshot of our time together. Frequent communication with home is important, so don't be surprised. 
  • Academic Expectations:
    • Complete work on time
    • READ the actual texts. You are cheating yourself if you choose the opposite.
    • Create original work. 
    • Be prepared. Reviewing and studying is mandatory.
    I will use a point system for grading purposes. Each assignment/quiz/test/project will be given a total number of points. Your score will be written as a fraction of the total points. Check the portal diligently to keep track. Please, if you think I made a mistake, politely ask me to check. In grading and recording hundreds of scores a week, I very well may have. No worries, I will correct it.