• MVCC College Connection
    Program Information:

    Procedures for MVCC College Connection participation:

    • Meet with your counselor and pick up a registration packet.
    • Complete the Placement Testing Registration form and submit to MVCC at least 1-week BEFORE you take the placement test.
    • Schedule your placement tests as soon as possible at: http://www2.mvcc.edu/students/admissions/placementtest/
    • After taking the placement test have your counselor contact MVCC to get results.
    • Log on to http://www.mvcc.edu/course-search and select a class you are interested in. Classes must work around your high school schedule.
    • Bring completed MVCC College Connection paperwork back to your counselor and review your course selection.  This must be done prior to the MVCC College Connection deadline.
    • Your counselor will email your application and transcript to the College Connection Office at MVCC.
    • Once your registration is completed, MVCC will mail you a copy of your schedule and bill.  You must pay the bill prior to the deadline or you will be dropped from the class.
    • Purchase books at MVCC Campus Bookstore or online.
    • Mid-term and Final grades will be mailed to the student and counselor.