• Hamilton College Bridge Program
    Hamilton College had set the following requirements for  bridging:
    1. The student must have "exhausted" his/her curriculum in a particular subject.
    2. The student must have a compelling reason to begin a new course of study in a subject not offered at the students high school.
    3. Admission to the program will continue to be determined on the basis of a student's transcript and test scores. Students interested in taking a math courses must have a score of 5 on the AP exam.  Students interested in taking a world language may be required to take a placement test.  Testing is not required for students interested in beginning a new language.
    4.  Applications are due by July 15th for the fall and November 15th for the spring semester.  Final confirmation of student's ability to schedule a class will NOT be given until the week prior to the beginning of classes.
    Application procedures are:
    1. Meet with counselor to discuss interest.
    2. Review Bridging Parameters on main Bridging Opportunities page.
    3. Look at course offerings at www.hamilton.edu.
    4. Complete New Hartford Bridging Application AND the Hamilton College online Bridging application along with submitting the fee and transcript by due date.
    5. Once student is notified by Hamilton College of decision, student MUST notify counselor to make sure high school schedule is complete.
    Hamilton College Bridging Application:
    Hamilton College online application link https://www.hamilton.edu/admission/bridge-applicants