• This page showcases coding projects that the 
    Scratch Kids at Myles have created. Check them out!
  • Flappy Bird's New Adventure by Garrett

    Garrett was really motivated to create his own Flappy Bird game. He "borrowed" some code from shared SCRATCH projects, worked on some new backgrounds, worked on a lot of problem-solving with code and he made his game. LOTS of work here and it paid off!
    use the space bar and arrow keys to move the "flappy bird"
  • Maze by Guy V

    Click on the blue ball to begin then drag your mouse to get to the ball to the end of the maze. Be careful because if you touch the sides you will be returned to the start!
  • iJump by Connor

    Have fun playing this jumping game! A key makes 
    the cat travel LEFT; D key makes the cat travel RIGHT. Use the space bar to JUMP
  • 6th Grade Memory Slideshow by Olivia H

    When the first song, push the space bar to play the next song.
  • Getaway Car by Seton 

    Space is to jump and move with left and right arrows. Try to get to the blue, but on't touch the red or you will be sent back to START. It CAN be done! Press down arrow to restart from level one, and when you reach WIN your are done!
  • Balloon Catch by Cassidy

    Cassidy was able to create this game after looking at this SCRATCH project tutorial . This YouTube tutorial on sensing blocks also helped Cassidy create her game. NOTE: you will need to turn on your video cam on your computer for this one. Click ALLOW if a window pops up.
  • Rock, Paper Scissors by Grant C.

  • Scratchy Bird by Grant C.

     press the space bar to flap. Click on START to begin
  • Snowflake Catch by Mrs Donovan