• Coding is a language. It is the language that a computer understands. So, just like in Kindergarten class when you learned your letters before writing sentences, it is important to understand the commands (blocks) of coding before you can string them together to make a story or a game. The videos below explain some key concepts of coding. Try to make sense of them before using them, and remember that this is about practice so not getting it right the first time is OK! A good learner knows how to use resources to keep learning and growing. Come back to this page to review concepts you don't understand or talk with your teacher or a friend for more advice!
    These are some great YouTube videos on learning about the concepts of code.These videos will be blocked at school on student accounts, but you can watch them at home or in computer class with your teacher.

    REPEAT command is a shortcut way of telling the computer
    to keep doing something over and over again.
    You can also use this repeat command until a goal is met 

  • IF commands mean to make a decision if a condition is present.
    For example, "IF it is raining (a weather condition)  I will use a umbrella"

    IF / ELSE command or statement is a decision between two things:
    example:"IF it is a weekday then you have to go to school,  
    otherwise (ELSE) you can stay at home and have fun