• Why learn to code?

    We play and learn with computer technology everyday. We watch videos on You Tube, play games like Minecraft, draw pictures with KidPix, but did you ever wonder how a computer thinks? How does it know exactly what to do and when to do it? Is there some kind of secret code?
    Computers are programmed to do things by listening or reading a language that was written into their "brain" by people like us. In other words, a person needs to give the computer a set of instructions (a code), so it can perform in a certain way under certain circumstances. Think about how you would write out a set of instructions for yourself: how you got up out of bed this morning, how you put your clothes on, how you took your steps to get to the bus stop, etc. Imagine that you could not do anything unless you were told to do it! This is how a computer operates. It needs instructions to do everything! We are going to learn the basics of how to write a set of instructions or "code" and tell the computer to do what we want it to do.
    Before we begin lets start by watching this You Tube video from some top names in the computer science world AND some other famous people talking about the importance of learning computer programming. (code)