• School Physical Exams
    Physical exams are mandated by New York state for all new students and for those entering grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. These are offered in school. In addition to this requirement, all students participating in school sports must have a yearly physical exam. Sports physicals are offered at all schools during the school year. These dates are noted throughout the calendar, but are subject to change. Please contact your building nurse to be sure.
    NHCS sports physical exam forms must be completed, including a health history signed by a parent, and returned to the building nurse prior to trying out for sports. Physicals may be done by your private physician or by Ms. Shankman, our school nurse practitioner.

    Sports physical forms are available from the school nurse or on the Web site under Athletic Department. The forms may be downloaded for your convenience. NYS requires BMI and WSC (body mass index and weight status category) on mandated physicals. NYS also requests Dental Certificates in mandated physical grades.