• The quiz will cover the characteristics of life and spontaneous generation and evolution.  For the test students should be able to:
    1. Match the characteristics of life to examples
    2. Define the following terms
      • pasteurization
      • spontaneous generation
      • homeostasis 
      • asexual reproduction
      • sexual reproduction
      • heterotroph
      • autotroph
    3. Identify the scientists whose experiments showed that spontaneous generation was false, including
      • Francesco Redi
      • Lazzaro Spallanzani
      • Louis Pasteur
    4. Identify the conditions necessary for natural selection (variation, struggle for survival, reproduction and adaptation)
    5. Define the following terms
      1. mimicry
      2. fit
      3. adaptation
      4. asexual reproduction
      5. fossil record
      6. survival of the fittest
      7. vestigial structure
    1. Read about examples and identify how natural selection would impact the population
    2. Identifies the sources of genetic variation