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    Kidblog is a great way to get started blogging. You can use this to document your project for your badge, or just write about things that you are thinking about making.

    Click on links below to get to your class blog site. 
    NOTE: You will need the activation code from Mrs Donovan to create a blog.
    After, you should be able to log in on your own
  • How to be successful in writing your blog 

    1. Before you begin read the blog rules. 
    2. People will want to read your blogs if they are well written, so that means you should use the strategies you have learned in your from your classroom teachers about becoming a successful writer. (By the way, the more you read the better you will write!)
    3. As we get started, your blog post will need to approved before you post them on KidBlog, because in doing this we can work together to make it the best it can be. Once you all get the hang of it, I will allow you to post immediately. 
    4. After you post in KidBlog you must constructive reply to two classmates. To constructively reply means that you will:
    • add details to the reasons why you like the post
    • use complete sentences when you write
    • argue a point with kindness (you can disagree with what was written but remember to not hurt someone's feelings when you say you disagree)