This course is a history of the United States and North America , with an emphasis on New York State history from Pre-Columbian times through and including the Civil War and Reconstruction.



    This course covers the major economic, social, and political events in American History from post-Civil War Era until recent times. Some major themes covered would include: the rise of the U.S. as an industrial and military power, reform movements, the Great Depression, World War I and II, and the Cold War. Text: Prentice Hall, The American Nation.


    GLOBAL HISTORY 1 (1 Unit of Credit)

    This course is the first part of a two-year Global History Regents program.  Global History 1 consists of four primary units:  Introduction to Global History, Ancient Civilizations and Empires.  Development of Regional Civilizations, and the Early Modern Period.  The course examines the development of civilization from ancient man through the first Global Age (late 1700's) with particular focus on political, economical, and social developments.  There is a strong emphasis on linking regional civilizations in common time periods throughout the world.  Text:  Prentice Hall, World History: Volume One.


    GLOBAL HISTORY 1 HONORS (1 Unit of Credit)

    Global History 1 Honors covers the same information as the regular Global History course; however, this program is designed to stimulate higher level reasoning, research, and writing skills.  Students should expect to work on research, writing, reading, oral presentations, and long-term projects.  Text:  Prentice Hall, World History: Volume One.