The seventh-grade curriculum is an integrated science course encompassing Earth, Life, and Physical sciences.  Students will study phenomena and concepts from three main units of study:  Earth Systems (ES), Structure and Function (LS) and Energy, Forces and Motion (PS).  This a hands-on laboratory-based class with emphasis on the scientific method and discovery learning.  Throughout the course students will be challenged to think critically and develop stronger reasoning skills that expand their scientific knowledge.  A binder with dividers is required.


    This course combines seventh grade and eighth grade science. The topics emphasized are cellular biology, an introduction to chemistry and physics with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving activities. Laboratory activities make up an integral part of the program. The completion of this course results in a student being accelerated a full year in the science program.  It is required that students maintain an average of 80 or above in this course.   . A binder with dividers, a metric ruler, and a calculator are required.



    Eighth grade physical science is a basic introduction to chemistry and physics with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving activities. The topics emphasized are laboratory measuring skills, chemical and physical changes of matter, motion and machines.  Laboratory activities and groupwork make up an integral part of the program.  A calculator is required for this course.


    GENERAL EARTH SCIENCE ( 1 Unit of Credit)

    General Earth Science is designed to provide grade 9 students with an opportunity to complete the Physical Science credit required for graduation in an atmosphere that emphasizes direct instruction of essential content and curriculum in a hands-on, interactive way.  This is a non-Regents science course that fulfills one of the New York State graduation requirements in physical science.  Students in this course will not fulfill the mandated lab requirement in order to take the NY State Earth Science Regents.  Students will not take the Regents exam, but will take a local final exam at the end of the school year.

    This course follows the New York State Regents curriculum for The Physical Setting, but not as in-depth as Regents Earth Science.  Students will build skills necessary to successfully complete the Regents Living Environment/Biology course and corresponding Regents exam in tenth grade.  The course also includes note-taking strategies, organization, study skills, and laboratory experiments. 

    Topics will include map reading; structure and composition of the earth; plate tectonics; earthquakes; climate and weather; weathering and earth features such as mountains, volcanoes, plateaus and beaches; interpreting graphs, charts and tables; collecting, organizing and analyzing data using a computer, the Internet and lab equipment; and class work and field trips. 


    EARTH SCIENCE REGENTS (1 Unit of Credit)

    This course covers five basic areas: observation and measurement of change in the environment; topics in astronomy; weather and earth's energy budget; the rock cycle; and geologic history of the earth.  This course is composed of an equal mix of process of inquiry and course content objectives.  To allow for the extensive laboratory work, the course meets daily with an extra lab period once in a four day cycle.  A loose-leaf binder with extra folders, calculator, and pencils are needed. Successful completion of lab requirements must be accomplished before Regents examination can be taken.


    AP BIOLOGY PREP HONORS (1 Unit of Credit)

    This honors level course is fast paced and rigorous and is designed to prepare students for AP Biology.  The course will cover the Living Environment Regents curriculum and additional material beyond the LE curriculum.  Additionally, this course includes some topics and lab experiences from the AP Biology course. As with all Regents coursework, there is a basic laboratory requirement.  Students will take the Living Environment Regents exam. This course is highly recommended for students who plan on taking AP Biology.

    Prerequisite: Earth Science