• Reading Strategies

    Your child is learning strategies that good readers use. Please encourage these strategies at home.


    Decoding Strategies: How to help if your child is stuck on a word

    ·     Look at the picture

    ·     Sound it out, look for chunks in the word you know

    ·     Slide your finger through the whole word trying all the sounds

    ·     Try a different vowel sound

    ·     Reread and think about what word would make sense in the sentence

    ·     Ask:

    o   Does it look right?

    o   Sound right? or

    o   Make sense?


    How to Sound Like a Fluent Reader

    ·     Model appropriate phrasing and expression by reading a selection of his or her text to them.

    ·     Encourage your child to read in 3-4 word phrases, rather than reading word-by-word

    ·     Remind your child to notice punctuation as they read. This will help them read with appropriate expression.

    ·     Practice reading sections of text together to master appropriate pacing and rate.




    Comprehension Strategies: Strong readers know how to make a book understandable.  Use these techniques before, during, and after reading with your child.


    Making Predictions:

    The front or back cover can give clues about the plot of the story.  Encourage your child to think about the characters and the setting to predict what will happen next.  Ask your child the following questions.

            ~ What do you think the book will be about?

            ~ What do you think will happen next?

            ~ What do you think will happen in the end?

    Using Background Knowledge:

    Activate your child’s prior knowledge about his or her book by having them research information about the topic, as well as define difficult words before reading the story.  Previewing the book before your child reads will allow you to identify challenging words.

    Making Connections:

    ~ Text-to-Text Connection - Your child may find similarities between their current story and a previously read story.

    ~ Text-to-Self Connection - Connecting personally with a story is a surefire way to understand it, inside and out.

    ~ Text-to-World Connection - Encourage your child to connect their story to historic and current events.

    Making Inferences:

    Readers make inferences when they use clues from the story to figure out something that the author does not tell them.  Your child can put together what the text says with what they already know and draw a conclusion about what they are reading. 

    How to Enhance Your Child’s Vocabulary

    ~ Connect words to pictures to make them easier for your child to remember.
~ Help your child learn to use a variety of adjectives to describe characters and events in books.

    ~ Preview new vocabulary with your child prior to reading a text.  Have your child use the word in a sentence to ensure understanding. 

    ~ Label items in your home and refer to them regularly.