A mother-daughter tennis practice was held in 2017 to highlight the importance of exercise and health.  Many moms, and even some brothers, joined in the fun event.  Laughter and smiles filled the court.
    Breast Cancer Awareness Day in 2014 and included the lady Spartans spending a fun afternoon on the court with future lady Spartan tennis players, ages 3 and up.  It was followed by a feisty Mother-Daughter match to emphasize the bond between important women in our lives.  Thank you to all those who participated!
    On September 17, 2013, the Lady Spartans Girls Tennis Team held the 6th annual "Make a Racket" for Breast Cancer Awareness Tennis Match.  The match was first developed in 2008, a year after the coach Melissa Curtis' mother was diagnosed.  The match honors her as a survivor and has since added on a father of a player on the team as well as many family friends and teachers who have also fought this all too common diagnosis.  The girls learn the importance of having strength and never giving up not only on the court, but off the court.  The girls welcomed the Camden tennis team to join in the event this year, wearing specially designed shirts, other apparel, and using pink tennis balls.  The event also kicked off the fundraiser held throughout the month of October revolving around raffles, breast cancer awareness items, gift certificates, etc.  
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