• English Curriculum
    ENGLISH 7 
    Seventh grade English focuses on improving skills in four strands: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students develop critical thinking skills through oral and written communication in this literature-based program. Writing is taught as a process; vocabulary is improved through the literature and students' own writing. 
    Skills in the strands of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are extended in English 8 from the previous year. Students' exposure to literature expands their vocabulary and enhances their critical thinking skills. The writing process approach is often used. There is intensive preparation for the grade 8 English Language Arts assessment.
    ENGLISH 9 (1 Unit of Credit)  
    The curriculum for English 9 covers a variety of language skills.  Those stressed are composition, literature, vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, and oral communication.  In particular, students write narrative, descriptive, and expository paragraphs and essays.  They also read and analyze plays, poems, short stories, and longer works.  Grammar and usage are studied in conjunction with writing and composition work.
    ENGLISH 9 HONORS (1 Unit of Credit) 
    The course focuses on developing analytical skills as students read various texts closely for subtleties of meaning, relation of form to function, and the aesthetics of language.  In addition, this course covers the essentials of grammatical structure and their subsequent application in both literary texts and each student's individual writing.  Students will also write in a variety of modes for a variety of audiences.  Vocabulary development, listening and speaking skills and various enrichment opportunities complete the course curriculum.