• Where Are My Files?

    Are they there, or do I need to copy them up to my new server account from my backup I did back in June? Good Questions!
    There are a few different ways to view your new server folder to see if your files are there or not.
    Close up of Dock Folder
    Method 1: On the Dock Click on the folder shown below.
    If you hover your mouse over the folder it should show your username just above the folder. This is your network folder.
    Dock Folder

    Method 2:
    Click on the Volume called “Teachers” located on your desktop.

    If you don’t see the “Teachers” volume on your desktop, you will need to make a change to your desktop preferences so that it will appear.
    Please see the instructions that follow.

    Then go to the folder labeled with your Username.
    Note: when you open this volume, you should also see the TCommon folder in here as well.
    Network Volume Images
    Changing the Desktop Preferences to see the Volume Icon on your Desktop

    1) Go up to your menu bar and click on Finder, then click on Preferences.
    2) Under “Show these items on the desktop:” make sure all four boxes are checked.
    3) Close the Finder Preferences window. Your “Teachers” volume and “MacHD” volume should now be showing on your desktop.
     Finder Preferences
    At this point you should be able to copy your files, from your flash drive or external hard drive or whatever device you used to back up your files, to your server folder.

    Method 3: Using Your Finder Window
    If you open up a Finder window (Command N), you can then select the "teachers.nhart.org" volume listed under the SHARED section over on the left in the Sidebar, and then you can open the Teachers folder to get to your server folder
    Teachers Folders