• Program of Study at Ralph Perry Jr. High School


    AIS classes are academic support courses structured to reinforce curriculum in core content areas including: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. AIS is also offered in World Language (Spanish and French). AIS support is designed to strengthen students' skills in the specific content area.

    Students are placed in AIS classes based on mulitple measures: STAR/State assessment scores below the State assigned cut-off point, Previous year final subject course grade of 75 or lower, Previous year overall subject grade of 75 or below, and/or teacher recommendation.

    New Hartford Central School District has made a commitment to provide all students a stimulating educational environment where everyone can learn, can succeed and is valued.  The Special Education Department works diligently to provide a full continuum of special education services as outlined in the Commissioners regulations.  The following special education services are provided to students with disabilities in the Junior and Senior High settings.

    Consultant Teacher Services 

    This special education intervention accommodates the needs of a student with an identified disability.  This service can be provided directly to the student or indirectly to a primary instructor (general education teacher).  Both staff members collaborate regarding accommodations, modifications, techniques and practices that will support and enhance the students' instruction within the general education classroom.

    Resource Room Services 

    This service is provided by grade level.  Students receive specialized supplementary instruction based on their individual or unique needs.  This instruction could include:  

    • support to assist students in reaching Individual Educational Goals
    • specific cognitive strategies to utilize within classrooms
    •   compensatory skill development
    • supplement to curriculum/content areas
    • differentiated instruction
    • development of self advocacy skills


    Specialized Environment

    The Junior and Senior High also provide a special education classroom to students whose individual needs cannot be met solely within the general education program.  These special education classes are based on highly individualized needs of students with similar needs.  Delivery of services is flexible, appropriate, specialized initiatives for delivering both primary and supplemental instruction.  Every attempt is made to schedule students into inclusive classrooms where special education providers collaborate with and support the general education staff.  At times students may need to be provided primary instruction in the special class environment.  Similar instruction to that in resource plus core curriculum is taught with adaptations and modifications depending upon individual needs and the students' Individualized Education goals and objectives.  These classes may be referred to as blended classrooms or 12:1:1 program.  A paraprofessional is assigned to each classroom.

    All service programs offered at the Junior and Senior High make every effort to provide all students with disabilities the experiences and opportunities that afford them participation within the school environment.  These opportunities enhance the students' total education and prepare them for post secondary settings or the world of work.  Transitional services are provided to prepare students for the move from the school setting to post school activities.