Mrs. Bolos's Discipline Plan


    Consequences If You Choose to Break the Rules

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Time out
    3. Phone call/ note home to parent/guardian with an action plan
    4. Visit to the office 


     Rewards If You Choose to Follow the Rules

    •  Praise from your very happy teacher
    • Individual chip will be placed in the reward box to students who show Mrs. Bolos that they are ready to learn & do their best with their materials ready. Demonstrate great behavior and character! Their chip will be a part of a drawing every Friday to win computer time during an inside day, homework passes, and prizes.
    • “Marble Jar”- the class as a whole will receive marbles in the jar for great behavior during class, in the hallways, and at specials. Once the jar is full a reward is granted. (ex. Pajama Day, Going outside, pizza party, ect.)
    • Extra duties in the classroom
    • “Good News” phone call or note sent home