•  Welcome to Honors Global History


          We will approach our study of the world in a regional format. In ninth grade we will study world history through the early 1800’s. Through this course, we will examine the historical, political, economic, and cultural aspects of early civilizations as they progressed through time.

        This course will be completed in one semester with double periods every day. Since this is an honors course, you will have a significant amount of homework each night. There is little time to “catch up” if you fall behind.


  • Expectations
         Since this is an honors course, you will have a substantial amount of homework. You will be expected to read Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization. You will then write a book review. Therefore, you must learn to pace yourself and not leave your reading to the last minute. In addition, you will be expected to read supplemental readings and either write a summary of those readings, or take reading quizzes. These supplemental readings will consist of advanced level primary sources, analysis of historical topics, biographies, etc. These will consist of two-three per week.

       With hard work and dedication, you will succeed!
  • Course Supplies

    ·    World History (covered adequately for the entire course)

    ·    3 Ring Binder

    ·    Dividers (5 for your binder and labeled accordingly):

    ·    Unit I: Methods, India, East Asia

    ·    Unit II: Middle East, Africa, Greece, and Rome

    ·    Unit III: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Exploration, Absolutism, Enlightenment, and French Revolution

    ·    Quizzes/Tests

    ·    Bell Work (Loose Leaf Paper)

    ·     Colored Pencils (used often)

  • Homework Policy


        Most of your assignments will be reading quizzes. Therefore, it is pertinent that you read the pages assigned for each night.                                                      
        Homework that will be collected by the due date. If it is not completed on the due date, you will receive the consequences listed at the bottom of this page. If you are absent, you will be given one day to make up an assignment for each day that you are out. It is your responsibility to receive your missed class work/homework from the missed work bin.  Don’t expect reminders! If you do not complete your homework on time, the following actions will be taken:

    ·    First Missed Assignment: 30% off each day its late. Once we move on from a unit, you will receive no credit.

    ·    Second Missed Assignment: Detention. You will receive 30% off each day its late.

    ·    Third Missed Assignment: Your parent/guardian will be called. You will receive 30% off each day its late.

  • Grades


       All of your assignments, tests, maps, and projects will be graded. Each grade will be given a point value, which will be accumulated throughout the marking period. More difficult tasks will have a higher value. Likewise, simpler assignments will have a lesser value.
       Once your assignment is scored, your grade will be available via your on-line School Tools Portal. It is expected that both you and your parents/guardians check your grades on a weekly basis. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your grades contact me!