• Class Rules


    1.     Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

     2.    Always raise your hand and remain seated at all necessary times.

     3.    Be prepared to begin class with the proper supplies as soon as you arrive.

     4.    Remain quiet while someone visits the class or while Miss Greer takes a phone call.

     5.    Keep the room and your desk clean and tidy.

     6.    Do your best every day!


     Consequences If You Choose to Break the Rules

    1.     Verbal Warning

     2.     Yellow Card Warning = loss of recess/making better choices sheet signed by parent

     3.     Red Card Warning = “bad news.” Call home and writing assignment- “3 Ways I Can Correct the Problem”

     4.     Visit to the office

     Rewards If You Choose to Follow the Rules

     Praise from a smiley, happy teacher

    Ticket Awards (Collect 8 ticket awards and trade them in for a homework coupon!)
    Homework coupons
    Extra computer time for educational games
    Extra duties in the classroom
    “Good News” phone call home
    “Row Winners”- Lunch with Miss Greer + ticket award. Awarded to the row/group that most effectively obeys all rules and shows teamwork.
     “Lunch Bunch”-  Lunch with Miss Greer and other students in the classroom, 1 homework coupon, and special treat. Awarded to students who demonstrate great behavior, a positive attitude, and determination to do their best.