Global History and Geography Course Expectations



    Countries of the world are becoming increasingly interdependent. This means that nations depend on each other and what happens in one nation often affects other regions of the world. For this reason, it’s important that we understand one another. To do this, we must understand not only the issues facing the global community but also recognize that nations may see the same issue differently.  By developing a global perspective based on multiple points of view, not just one, we increase understanding. 


    We have fewer than 90 days to learn roughly 300 years of global history. Hold on. 


    Course outline: 


    The World in 1750

    Scientific Revolution, The Enlightenment, French Revolution

    Global Nationalism 

    The Industrial Revolution

    New Imperialism

    World War I 

    The Interwar Period 

    The Holocaust

    World War II

    The Cold War & the former USSR

    Decolonization & Nationalism 

    Tensions between Traditional Cultures & Modernization 

    Human Rights Violations

    The World Today

    Regents Review

    What you should expect from the course: 

    • Good juicy history
    • A greater understanding of the world around you
    • The content and skills you need to be successful on the Global Regents


    What you should expect from me:

    • I am here to teach you. I will provide you with clear, organized, and effective instruction.
    • I am here to support you. I will never ask you to do anything that I won’t help you with. 
    • I want you to be successful in class and in life. Everything I do in class is intended to help you have an easier and better life. 


    What I expect from you: 

    • Show up with a willingness to learn
    • Check and read emails and Google Classroom posts and communicate any concerns with me 
    • Complete your work on time



    • We have fewer than 90 days to learn roughly 300 years of global history. This means we will go quickly through material and it’s essential you’re in class, even when it’s remote.


    • Do not be late for my class. Showing up in life on time is important. 



    • Grading will be based on a total point system. You are encouraged to review your grades on the student portal to monitor your progress and check my bookkeeping. Please see me with any concerns. 



    • Be prepared for class. Be sure to have the Global History Google Classroom (GC) open. 
    • The material will be reviewed regularly in class and with regular quizzes.  You are responsible for monitoring your understanding of the material and asking questions as they arise. Remember, my job is to help you and I’m happy to do it. 
    • Positive and respectful participation in all activities is expected. 
    • I will not accept “I don’t know” as an answer. Ever. If you don’t know the answer to a question that I ask, follow the following steps: 
      • Remind yourself that it’s okay to not know everything and not knowing this answer is a temporary situation. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, it’s not forever. 
      • Say “ I don’t know YET” and then FIND A WAY to get the answer. 
      • Find a way. You can do this in several ways. For example, you can say, “Give me a second to think about it.” or “Can you repeat or rephrase the question?” or “Can you give me a hint?” or “Let me ask someone else and get back to you.” 
      • Answer the question. 


    • Expect daily assignments. They will be short and support your understanding of the material. 
    • Late work will not be accepted. This is because you will have your work returned to you in the next class and we will be using it. (See under important notes if ill) 
    • All assignments must be completed independently unless otherwise stated. Copying or plagiarism will result in zeros for ALL participating parties, including the person(s) who did the work and allowed someone else to use it. Don’t people in this position - instead, ask me for help. It’s my job and I’m happy to do it.  


    Important notes: 


    • If you are ill or for some reason are unable to complete any assignment on time, it is your responsibility to email me BY 9 PM THE DAY BEFORE IT IS DUE. All work will be available on Google Classroom. 


    • Due to the nature of Global History, some videos and readings include graphic images, subject matter, and language that some may find disturbing. I will warn you prior to viewing such material. Please honor your emotional being and communicate any concerns with me. Remember, I’m here to help. 


    • If zoom crashes, the class is not over. Please try again in a few minutes. Within five minutes, I will communicate with you on Google Classroom and/or email. 


    With a substitute (when we return to the classroom): 

    • I expect that you will cooperate 100% and be polite, helpful, and respectful. 
    • If you or a member of your class choose to act otherwise, expect disciplinary action. 


    Typical Day in the class: 

    • The class will always start with a greeting exchange. 
    • You will write down the DayQuest(s) and the Life Hack found in Google Classroom
    • I will answer questions on the assignments
    • You will turn in your assignment in Google Classroom. Expect me to communicate with your parents or guardians if it’s not done. 
    • I will explain the new assignment. 
    • I will explain the day’s Life Hack 
    • We will often look at either The Guardian’s photos of the day or a clip from CNN student news.   
    • We will review material and explore new material via notes, activities, discussions and/or video clips.
    •  I will close the class with a proper closing. 


    Communication: It is very important that you communicate any concerns or questions with me. The best way is to email me at: shamilto@nhart.org (note there is no ‘n’ at the end of my name)

    If email is not available, you can text me at 315.734.5532.