Friendly Reminders
    The agenda is a great home/school communication tool.  We will utilize it everyday!  Please initial your child's agenda each night. This way you will know exactly what the homework is and when it is due.   After your child has written down the daily assignments, I will initial it, as well.  This way child, parent, and teacher have all reviewed the daily agenda to ensure success!  Please feel free to jot down any notes to me, as well!
    Water Bottles 
    Students are asked to bring water bottles everyday. There is a great deal of research supporting a direct link between hydration and education. Students are better able to participate, process information, and make connections that help their learning. 
    Please write your child's name on the bottle in plain view. Students tend to misplace these and when we can’t identify the owner easily we recycle them due to health concerns.
    Students are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack daily. It is our normal routine for this to be a one-handed, working snack.
    No drinks other than water are permitted.

    I limit snack to one item to discourage distractions, and to keep snack from turning into a meal. We don’t want them to ruin their appetite for lunch!