• Adding an Email Form to Your Webpage
    SchoolWires does have email forms that you can create but they tend to be clumsey and complicated. Here I will provide a few alternative methods for creating email forms you can use in your website.
    Method 1: Spartan Apps Form
     The best and easiest way to create a contact me email form is to use Google Forms - Please check out the video below to learn about forms.
  • Method 2: SchoolWires - Import a Form
    I have created a form that you can import into your website and use for email contact.
    Please follow the setps below to use this method:
    Download and save this form to your computer: Survey-111 (this is a .zip file - do not extract)
    In your website Work Space -> Tools Tab -> Forms and Surveys
    1. Click Import Form/Survey
    2. Locate the zip file on your computer and import it to your site
    3. Once uploaded click the Options Button on the right
    4. In the General Tab - set the end date at the bottom of the page. You should make this out a few years - 2025
    5. In the Completion Tab - scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address in the "Send Responses To:" section
    Embed the form within a Flex app.
    1. In Site Manager, navigate to the workspace and page containing the Flex app you wish to modify.
    2. Click the Open Toolbox icon. A list of ActiveBlocks™ displays.
    3. Click Embed Complex Content. The Embed Complex Content dialog displays.
    4. Enter the URL for the survey that you wish to embed.
    To obtain the URL for a form & survey, View the form & survey and copy the URL that displays in the browser's Address bar.
    5. Click Insert. The form & survey is inserted into the content area of the editor and you are returned to the Flex Editor app.
    6. Click on the form & survey to display the handles (small squares) and use these handles to resize it as necessary.

    Click Save