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     Remember that you can input a your specials in each day!  Here are some ideas...
    • Organize your books on a shelf or in a bin.  Then have someone at home select a book to for you to read/picture walk.  
    • Recommend a book to another person and think of why they should read it.
    • Practice putting your books in ABC order.
    • If you have stairs, go up and down the stairs five times.
    • Simon Says with sit-ups, push-ups, toe touches, marching, arm circles, etc.
    • If it's nice, get outside and go for a walk with an adult.
    • Write your own song about whatever is on your mind.
    • Practice singing different songs for 20 seconds or more while hand-washing.
    • Use some at-home instruments to create rhythm and in-sync sound not just noise (i.e. pots and spoons)
    • Send your teacher an email!   mcurtis@nhart.org
    • Go on the computer class page and interact with an approved online experience.
    • Practice typing your name and friends' names on the keyboard.
    • Draw, color, paint!
    • Fold paper in different ways to make different shapes.
    • Make things out of play-doh, kinetic sand and create a story about it.