• pi Supplies Needed

       Scientific Calculator TI-30X IIS
       Regular & Colored Pencils, Pens, Eraser
       3" 3-Ring Binder with 8 dividers (math class only)
       Folder & notebook
       Ruler in/cm

  • Grading System

    Total points will determine the content grade and can be calculated by adding up the total number of points received on assignments and then dividing that number by the total number of possible points.

    1-4 Quarter grades = 22.5% each and Final Exam 10%

    Test dates will always be announced and given at the end of each unit. Quizzes will be given throughout a unit. Being absent the day before an announced quiz or test DOES NOT excuse any student from taking the quiz and test the day they return to school. Class work and homework is sometimes collected and graded.

    The Accelerated Program requires students to maintain an average of 85 or above.


    All accelerated students will participate in the Perry Jr. High  Math Olympiad contests.

    All grade 7 students are encouraged to participate in the Math Counts competitions (see Mr. Richards @JH) and Mathletics competitions(see Mrs. Cooper @HS).

  • Classroom Rules

    Prompt:  Students are to be in the classroom BEFORE the bell rings. If a student is
    late for class, the student is expected to have a late pass or detention will be given.

    Prepared: Students should come to class with proper supplies (homework, binder, calculator, pencils and agenda planner) every day.

    Polite: Students are expected to be polite and respectful.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

    Students are expected to participate during each and every class.

    When a student comes to class without a late pass, comes to class unprepared, or is disruptive, the following procedures will take place:
    1. Warning
    2. Detention
    3. Parental notification
    4. Office referral
  • Homework

    Please check the Course Calendar link for daily topics and assignments.

    Homework is given on a daily basis. Homework offers a student practice and reinforcement of concepts learned in class. Math homework should take no longer than thirty minutes per night.

    Homework is due the day after it is assigned. When a student is absent, he/she has an equal number of days to make up the assignment with full credit given. *When absent it is the students responsibility to turn in the assignments or no points will be given for that assignment.

    Since homework provides practice and reinforcement,  students will receive credit every 5 weeks for completed homework.


    Multiple Choice questions should be marked in color and done on the test, showing all work and final correct answer.

    Extended Response should be done on a separate sheet of paper, problem, work and correct solution should be completed for each problem missed. All students will complete corrections!

  • Attendance

    Since math is cumulative, attendance is extremely important!  It is the students responsibility to make up all missed class work after every absence.  Students are required to check the course calendar in google classroom where hard copy of notes and a daily help link can be found.  Students are required to complete missed assignments and turn them in for homework credit within one day upon their return to school.