• Roman Expert Projects
    Take charge of your learning!

    Looking to take your learning to the next level? You came to the right place! Brainstorm a list in your Writer's Notebook of topics that you want to explore. Can't think of any? Click the link below for a pretty big list of ideas to get you started.

    Big List of Ideas

    (thank you, Mrs. Renz of Oregon) 

    Use our library and Ms. Dardano's research website to help you start. Or, click on the Research Tools link on my webpage.

    Please use the Expert Project Form as you complete your research.  You can get this in our classroom or you can download it below. Also, please make sure I approve your topic first. Happy researching!

  • Expert Project Hall of Fame


    Class of 2010 - 2011:



    Sam:  1         

    Joshua: 1   

    Danielle: 2   

    Jeffrey: 2

    Emily:  2       

    Noah:  1

    Bobby:  1 

    Claudia: 1 

    Class of 2011-12  

    Kayla H.: 2  

    Kennedy: 2

    Rachel: 1 

    Adriano: 2

    Eleanor: 1  

    Ally: 2 

    Gabby: 1

    Emma: 1

    Maggie: 1

    Class of 2012-13

    Roman:  1 

    Anthony C: 1

    Theo:  1

    Louis: 1

    Samantha:  1
    Maria:  1
    Class of 2013-14
    Felice:  1 
    Dylan:  2
    Grady:  1 
    Luke:  2