• Welcome to Math 8!tree

     Math 8 State Exam April 21-23, 2020
  • Modules of Study

    M1: Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation

    M2: Congruence

    M3: Similarity

    M4: Linear Equations

    M5: Functions from Geometry

    M6: Linear Functions

    M7: Irrational Numbers  using Geometry

  • Grading

    Q1  22.5%

    Q2  22.5%

    Q3  22.5%

    Q4  22.5%

    Final Exam 10%

  • Extra Help

    Students may see me for extra help when ever necessary!

    Period 4 (plan, room 102)

    Period 6 (lunch, room 104)

    Period 7 (SH, room 104@12:30) eighth grade lunch

    Period 8 (plan, room 104)

    After School

    Students should use thier google classroom for daily assignments, classroom notes and videos.  Here you will find weekly review answer keys, modules and quizlet practice. Check it out!! 

  • *Please use your Google Classroom daily

    *Please check your School Tools daily