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    How can I help my child improve in Math?




    There are MANY ways parents can help their children with Math. Here are just a few favorites:

    • Look for shapes and patterns in real life.
    • Have your child measure ingredients for recipes you're making.
    • Ask your child to explain the math skills she is working on in school.
    • Ask your child HOW he arrived at an answer on his homework/test.
    • Help your child find appropriate problem-solving games online.
    • Play card or board games that involve counting or patterns.
    • Ask your child to count change at the store or estimate the total cost of your purchase.
    • Compare items: Which is the tallest? shortest? longest? heaviest? fastest? slowest...
    • Have tools such as a ruler, calculator, scale, or measuring tape available to use in your house.
    • Encourage your child to track or graph scores or stats for a favorite sports team.
    • Use dice or playing cards to make a game out of practicing math facts.
    And my favorite...
    • Sit with your child while he does his math homework and assist when needed! 



    My child hates flash cards! How can I help him learn his math facts?




    Again, there are MANY ways you can help! Here are just a few!

    • Use dice or playing cards: Roll two dice or flip two cards. Depending on the operation you're working on, you can add, subtract, multiply, or divide! (For numbers greater than six, use more dice!)
    • Go to War: Modify this favorite card game based on the operation you're practicing. Flip two cards instead of one. The person with the highest sum, difference, product or quotient keeps the cards! Continue playing until someone has all of the cards!
    •  There are COUNTLESS apps or online games. Help your child find some that are right for him.