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    SPANISH 3                                                                                

    1 unit of credit

    This is the Checkpoint B (former Regents) Examination level based on 3 years of work. Students are expected to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing by using what they have learned in Checkpoint A of the State Syllabus. They will also be working on Checkpoint B by: reviewing grammar points from Levels 1 and 2, practicing more difficult situations using these grammar points,  reviewing the 5 major tenses and compound tenses and learning the subjunctive mood. Students will do a great deal of speaking and listening practice on a wide variety of topics. They will learn about Spanish speaking people and their culture and will expand language through reading selections, language lab. activities,  composition/letter writing, reviewing previous Regents Exams, and many other classroom activities. Texts: Avancemos 2 by McDougal Littell

    PREREQUISITE: Spanish 2