• Welcome to Spanish 1A

    SPANISH I is taught over a year and a half at the Jr. High.  Spanish 1A meets every other day for the entire year and Spanish 1B meets every day next year. After completing 1A and 1B students receive one H.S language credit.

    Because this course meets only every other day, students need to stay very well organized  and use their Agenda Planner every day. It's easier to forget an assignment when the class doesn't meet every day.

    The first year of Spanish has as its goal to do as much as possible in fulfilling the topics, situations, functions, and proficiencies of Checkpoint A of the NYS Syllabus. The student learns to understand, speak, read and write simple everyday sentences on a variety of topics; learns and masters basic grammar structures; acquires a proficiency in oral and written Spanish with a stress given to communication skills; and learns to appreciate and open him or herself to a different way of life. Text: Avancemos by McDougal Littell

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