• Frequently Asked Questions


    Can my child bring a water bottle to class? 

    Yes! Students may bring a water bottle everyday. It is important that your child stays hydrated throughout the day to better support learning. This also helps limit trips to the water fountain during instruction! Your child may bring in a unique water bottle of their own, as well as a recyclable plastic water bottle. Please label bottles with your child’s name. Water bottles should return home each night so that they can be cleaned before returning to school!


    Can my child bring a snack to class?  

    Students are encouraged to bring in one healthy snack daily. Most days, snack will be a “working snack,” which means it will be consumed while your child is completing desk work. Since all students are asked to have a water bottle in class, juice should be saved for lunch.  I limit snack to one item to discourage distractions, and to keep snack from turning into a meal. We don’t want them to ruin their appetite for lunch!

 Please be aware of any food allergies that may exist in the classroom. Families will be notified of such allergies at the start of the school year.


    Can my child bring in birthday treats to share with the class? 

    Unfortunately, no. This is a change of practice at Bradley Elementary to ensure the safety of students with food allergies. We also kindly ask that no non edible treats be brought in either. Students will be celebrated at the beginning of each month, where they will be given a prize in the office. In addition, we will still sing and celebrate each student in my class. Posters or cards will be made for each student, celebrating each child for what makes them special and unique!


    Do tests that my child brings home need to be returned?

     I ask that all Reading unit / benchmark tests be signed and returned to school, as well as all Topic Math tests. All other tests may stay home unless your child scores below a 3.  If this is the case, you will see a stamp or sticker indicating that the test is to be signed and returned. I prefer to hold on to these tests so that I can refer back to them if need be while monitoring student growth. In addition, corrections will be expected to be made either at home or in school on an accompanying worksheet.  I will review the errors on the test with your child to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes again! If tests are not returned to school after one day,  I will send home a Homework Alert as a reminder.