• Sr. High Library Policies and Procedures

    Student Arrival Procedure

    1. Sign-in to the library at the front desk.

    2. Food is not to be eaten in the library and beverages must have a lid or cap and are not allowed near the computer.

    3. Find a location to do your work/task at.

    4. Work quietly until your time in the library has ended.

    5. Remain working/seated until the bell rings, clean-up your area, push in your chair, have a wonderful day!

    Procedure to Use the Hall Pass

    1. Sign-out on the list, only one person may leave at a time

    2. The pass is to be used only to go to your locker or the restroom (keep in mind that you should be coming to the library fully prepared to work and that restroom stops can be made before you sign-in to the library).

    3. Return promptly so that the pass is available for others that need it.

    4. The Hall Pass will not be available during the first or last 15 minutes of each period.

    5. If you have more than one study hall per day, you may visit once. More study halls mean fewer classes and likely less work and students with fewer study halls may need the opportunity to use the Library resources more. Thank you.

    Procedure to Check Out Library Materials

    1. Bring the items you would like to check out to the circulation desk.

    2. Give your name to the library staff member helping you.

    3. Your materials will then be checked out to you, the date they are due will be stamped on the “Due Date” card.
    Procedure for Overdue Materials
    1. First Notice- Overdue notice is sent to student through classroom teacher.
    2. Second Notice- A phone call is made home.
    3. Third Notice- A letter is sent home.
    4. Fourth Notice- Suspension of Library privileges until materials are renewed or returned (in the event an item is lost or damaged restitution for that item will be asked).
    5. Fifth Notice- A discipline form will be filled out.