• Music Courses


    If you have questions regarding the music program, email Mrs. Goodemote (jgoodemo@nhart.org), Music Department Chairperson.

    The Music Department at the Senior High School includes:

    • Mr. Hollister
    • Miss Krumbach
    • Miss Wilcox


    All students must earn a total of one credit in Music and/or Art.  Students may also fulfill this graduation requirement by completing Design and Drawing for Production (DDP).






    Symphonic Band

    0.5 each Semester

    Alternate day all year


    Orchestra 0.5 each Semester Alternate day all year


    0.5 each Semester

    Alternate day all year

    Music Theory


    Alternate day half year

    Member of performing group

    Introduction to Theater


    Alternate day half year



    1  unit of credit


    • Meets every other day for the full block (all year)
    • Two/three concerts per year
    • One lesson each cycle
    • Recommendation from Jr/Sr Hi director



    1  unit of credit
    • Meets every other day for a full block
    • Admission based on recommendation from Jr/Sr Hi director
    • Two concerts per year
    • One lesson or small ensemble per cycle


    1  unit of credit

    Choir is composed of male and female singers from grades 10-12.  Students will continue to develop the fundamentals of vocal technique and music literacy through the study and performance of choral music. Choir is open to all students with prior choral music experience (such as Choir 9) and/or teacher recommendation.  This course is excellent preparation for students interested in participating in the high school spring musical.  Choir meets every other day for a full block; plus one sectional rehearsal per month and one voice lesson per cycle. 

    ½ unit of credit

    Music Theory is an introductory course which focuses on the fundamentals of music reading and notation with emphasis on listening, dictation and sight reading skills.  Students will learn how to listen, identify, analyze, create, write and perform music.  Development of composition skills and an introduction to music literature complete the curriculum.  This course is especially recommended for students who plan to study music in college.

    PREREQUISITE:   Student must be or have been a member of a high school performing group or must be able to demonstrate adequate ability to play a musical instrument/sing. 

    ½ unit of credit

    This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of acting and other aspects of theater.  Students will gain experience on the stage practicing diction, volume, staging, blocking, and movement.  They will become confident in moving comfortably on stage, developing a character, and improvising.  The course will include an overview of the elements of the physical theater that actors need to be aware of, focusing on backstage, on-stage and house elements.  Students will be responsible for performing various scenes and/or monologues, individually and in groups.  The course will include an overview of 'crew work' like set building, design and lighting.  It may also include a production performed by the class at the end of the semester as a final project.  This course can be taken more than once.