New Hartford participates in the internationally recognized Advanced Placement (AP) program sponsored by The College Board.  Advanced Placement courses are college-level work.  With success on each AP exam, a student can enter college with advanced standing.  For information on how the college of your choice will accept AP credits, consult with the college directly.

    Advanced Placement courses are universally recognized in college admissions offices as giving students greater preparation for the rigors of college work.  Success in AP courses, and the commitment necessary to achieve that success, reveals to a college admissions official that the student is ready for college.  In the words of The College Board, enrolling in AP courses shows "your willingness to push yourself to the limit." For more information about the Advanced Placement program, click here to go to their website.


    The Advanced Placement courses offered at New Hartford Senior High School include the following:

    1. AP European History
    2. AP United States History and Government
    3. AP Macro Economics
    4. AP United States Government & Politics
    5. AP Psychology
    6. AP English Language
    7. AP English Literature
    8. AP French
    9. AP Spanish
    10. AP Environmental Science
    11. AP Chemistry
    12. AP Biology
    13. AP Physics 1
    14. AP Physics 2
    15. AP Statistics
    16. AP Calculus AB
    17. AP Calculus BC
    18. AP Computer Science A
    19. AP Computer Science Principles
    20. AP Studio Art 


    It is the expectation that students taking Advanced Placement courses at the Senior High will take the appropriate Advanced Placement Examination offered in each course.  Money for exams is due in October each year.  Students requiring monetary assistance should consult with their counselor regarding fee waiver eligibility.



    Advanced Placement and Honors courses are weighted in the calculation of the term grade point average and the cumulative grade point average (gpa).  Students and parents will see the actual earned course grade on report cards and transcripts.  When a grade point average is calculated, AP courses will have 10 points added into the calculation and Honors courses will have an additional 5 points.  For instance, if a student earns a 93 in an AP course and a 90 in an Honors course, the scores of 103 and 95 will be used in calculating the grade point average.  Both a weighted and unweighted gpa will appear on transcripts.