• Financial Aid

    Make yourself known to the Financial Aid Officer  

    Financial aid is an important consideration for all families.  For the family that feels they need a great deal of help meeting college costs, to the family that feels they may not qualify for aid due to high income, it is important to read about what is available.  Financial aid comes in a variety of ways.  Most students meet college expenses through grants (money that does not need to be repaid), scholarships, work-study opportunities, and loans (money that must be repaid).  Students need to keep in mind that taking a loan for college is a major commitment.  College loans must be repaid, even if you do not finish college!

    Important Steps to Follow when Applying for Financial AiD

    • First and foremost, make yourself known to the Financial Aid Officer at the schools to which you apply.  It is their job to help you understand the intricacies of financial aid.
    • Contact the financial aid offices at the colleges you would like to attend to determine which financial aid applications must be submitted, and when.  There may be the FAFSA and the CSS Profile as well as others required by the specific college.  These are the most common forms.  Don't wait until you have been accepted to file an application.  It is very important to pay attention to deadlines for filing.
    • Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible after October 1 of your senior year.  The FAFSA is only available online.  Paper copies are no longer available. The FAFSA includes information that will be used for the NYS TAP (Tuition Assistance Program).  
    • The FAFSA allows you to put up to 10 colleges on the application.  It is recommended that you put your top choice first.  To file for additional colleges you must do so on the change form after the first 10 have been filed.  It is easiest to do this via online filing. 
    • You will receive your Federal Student Aid Report (SAR) once your FAFSA has been submitted.  Review the information carefully and change anything that needs correcting.  Submit corrected information to the address indicated.
    • If you listed a NYS school on your FAFSA, you will receive information from NYS Higher Education Services Corporation (NYSHESC).  Complete this form and return to NYSHESC.
    • In the spring, generally in April, your financial aid packages should arrive from the schools that have accepted you.  These aid packages include a combination of options to help meet college costs.  Accept or decline by the deadline given.
    • After you have decided which college you are attending, complete any federal loan applications.  These are the applications that are generated from banks for student and parent loans.

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